Memphis Bleek took to his latest interview to discuss his recent business ventures, including his involvement with Hov’s top notch liquor endorsement, D’Usse. Bleek unveiled that when he reached out to Jay Z in hopes to expand his horizons, the entrepreneur introduced him to the world of luxury liquor, a.k.a D’Usse. Check out his full response below!

Adriela Batista

“I called Jay one day and I was just like ‘Yo, I been doing music since I was 16-years-old, man. I wanna do something different. Something that I think I can’t do,’” Bleek said. “And he was like ‘You ready to put this work in lil’ nigga?’ So, I’m like ‘Of course, man.’ He like ‘Come to the office.’ So, I come to the office or whatever. And then he had the bottle. He’s like ‘Yo, this this new liquor we pushing. I wanna bring you on board.’ So, I’m like ‘Whatever you want me to do I’m there.’ And he was like ‘Let’s see what you can do.’ And ever since then I been out there pushing cases like dope.”

He continued on to stating that punctuality and commitment was a must in this deal, and this is definitely a new world for the rapper:

“He was telling me ‘Yo, you better be at every meeting. We be having meetings nine in the morning. You better be there. You better not smell like weed, nothing’…Sometimes we gotta sample like the XO that we coming out with next month. You know, we gotta sample. Do sample parties, sample releases. And do bartender testings and trainings. [You gotta] do all type of different things, man. It’s a whole new world out there, man.”