French Montana & Khloe Kardashian

While French Montana is out in LA playing with a Kardashian, he left his old boo, Trina back at home and she feeling some type of way. Now eve though they weren’t “together” everyone French and Trina been messing around for a minute, but according to TMZ they were even living together in Jersey. Read the full story after the jump.

It seems French Montana is banging Khloe Kardashian … and his main squeeze Trina is hotter than fish grease over it — and the rapper’s now telling friends she’s done with his tricky ass.

Trina and French weren’t officially BF and GF — but we’re told they were living together in New Jersey — sources close to the couple say she was devastated after seeing video of Khloe/Montana all over each other last week at a strip club.

We’re told Trina feels like she got played — She and French were talking regularly up until a few weeks ago when he started working in L.A. on his next album … and now it’s radio silence.

Guess Chris wasn’t only talking bout females when he say “these hoes ain’t loyal”

Catch Photos of Trina and French and Khloe in the Gallery

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