13 years ago, Cornealious “Mike” Anderson was sentenced to 13 years in prison for armed robbery. Shortly after, he got bail and began appealing his sentence. Each appeal was unsuccessful, which meant that he was supposed to be arrested again and immediately sent to prison… but he wasn’t. A clerical error caused the state of Missouri to forget to bring him in. Hit the jump to see what he’s been up to since.

Jamaal Fisher

Back in ’99, Anderson and a friend robbed a Burger King store manager as he went to deposit the store’s money into the deposit box. The weapon used was a BB gun and the two were arrested after a witness gave up their license-plate number.

Seems like just the thought of doing double-digit time was enough to scare Anderson straight. In the time since he was to be imprisoned, he reformed — becoming a master carpenter, business owner, husband, and father of four.

According to Daily Mail, “as the weeks and months passed by, Anderson never attempted to hide: he registered a business, Anderson Construction and Investment, to his home address and married his wife, LaQonna Anderson. He coached his son’s football team and volunteered at his local church.”

As of now, Anderson is in prison on month 9 of 156. Granted he serves the time owed, he won’t be released until he is 50. His father, Cornealious Michael Anderson II, had this to say: “If the point of incarceration is rehabilitation, the job’s already done.”


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