Wrestling fans are still in shock at the surprising loss the Undertaker took at the hands Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX.  One of those fans is MMG rapper Wale who was on hand to witness the match.  Roger Krastz of Just Whookid caught up with Wale and got his opinion on the controversial fight.

Shay Marie

What did you think about that shocking match between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker?
I was disappointed because the Taker match wasn’t that good. In the back of my mind I knew he was going to lose. First of all, Undertaker was getting the most of Brock Lesnar during the whole lead up, and whoever gets the most of a person is always going to win the PPV match. It was too obvious for him to win so I think Vince McMahon is going to do some sh*t now with the storyline. The only thing that was keeping me the other way was streak. I didn’t think Taker would lose it against Brock.

The build up for the Taker match wasn’t as strong this year as previous ones….
It was like secondary.

What were your thoughts on the Cena vs. Bray Wyatt match?
The John Cena match wasn’t all that. The knock on Bray Wyatt is that he’s too much into the theatrics other than the actually wrestling, but isn’t that why we watch it?

What did you think about the main event?
The Daniel Bryan match was good, but it was just a little when they try to sell the stretcher part too long but everything else was good.

I would’ve loved to see CM Punk come out and screw over Daniel Bryan. It would’ve made the storyline even more interesting…
Yeah, but seeing Daniel Bryan get screwed over again…I think it was time.

What was your highlight of the night?
My moment of the night was Cesaro lifting the Big Show. When Hulk Hogan picked up Andre The Giant it was more like a scoop, but this m*therfucker lifted him up. He’s way smaller than Hogan and he carried that m*therfucker like it was nothing.

So you a huge Cesaro fan? 
I love Cesaro. He’s definitely one of my favorites right now.

If you were to step into the ring, what sneakers would you wear for your match?
Man… I would probably wear the first Jordan Trainers. That was the first non-traditional sneaker that Jordan did. I would wear it just for the nostalgia.

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