Google Glass
I’ve been hearing these reports for a while now, and as a Glass explorer, I have to say you guys hating are completely idiots!!

Tat Wza

I understand, you may not want to be apart of new technology, and I really understand San Franciscans being upset at techies as they are driving property value up, but to attack people because they have on Glass, or establishments barring Glass….well that makes sense either way, they shouldn’t have to clean up their place because some idiots trashed the place harassing a Glass user….but back to the issue, don’t be ignorant, being upset at a Glass user is tantamount to being racist, yup I just said that! I wish someone would try and take Glass off my face cause they don’t like Tech…But NYC isn’t really set up like that, I’m more likely to get robbed than harassed -_-

Oooo I wish I was there to help defend her, I’d took my Glass off only to beat the Sh*t out of those dudes…..Sometimes us Geeks fight back!!!