Steve Harvey

On yesterday author, radio hosts, and TV personality Steve Harvey sent some unwarranted words of encouragement to LHHATL’s Mimi Faust, regarding her romp fest on camera with her on and off again boyfriend Nikko Smith. Sidenote: You know someone is really trying to get through to you when they start going biblical! Listen to the audio inside.

In an an excerpt from the 2 minute read, Harvey sums it for the 42 year old Mimi…

“Stop thinking about right now, whatever little momentary 5 minutes of fame and little piece of little change it’s going to put in your pocket,” Steve said recently on his morning radio show. “Whatever money they put in your pocket, it’s not going to be worth the hell that comes with it. It’s not going to be worth your reputation. It ain’t going to be worth your image. It ain’t gonna be worth nothing as it lives in cyberspace forever.”

Yes forever Mimi. All little Eva will have to do is google your name. Is this the real example you want to set for our daughter, promoting weakness, and taking the easy way out?? Listen to the audio below. Do you think Harvey was out of line, or just what the doctor ordered?

Andrea G