Kandi and Mimi

Kandi sure knows how to flip a coin, or two. Her sex toy line “Bedroom Kandi” has been doing great and now she partners up with Mimi Faust for “Bathroom Kandi”. She is a woman who seizes an opportunity when she sees one and this is sure to make them loads of cash!


“Mimi introduced the world to a few new moves to spice up a relationship. I saw reinforced shower rods were selling out all over the U.S. so I knew the market was there. My rods will be different because they will also be able to support the weight of plus-sized women also. People always leave the big girls out, and big girls need love too. I am making sure they can support up to 500 pounds. You can swing like a monkey in the zoo with no worries of falling.”

Their bathroom toy line will also include, a water resistant shower swing, toilet paper roll holder that really is a dildo, and a vibrating shower rod.

Hey, i’m not mad at all! If business is blooming all from a sex tape, might as well ride the wave while it’s high. Everything Kandi touches turns into gold, so Mimi picked the right woman to go into business with.