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The good thing about athletes getting older?  They start getting really honest.  While everyone kept suggesting for Steve Nash to retire he made it quite clear that he’s playing out his contract with the Lakers because he wants all his money.  Nash’s body continues to fail him as each comeback is hit with a setback.  This season was a disappointing one for the Lakers, amongst the worst in franchise history but they’re optimistic about next year.  With the draft and free agency the Lakers can make some improvements but Nash made it clear not to rely on him as parts of that rebuild.

Shay Marie

How confident is Steve Nash that he’ll be ready for training camp? Or might his beaten body have a different opinion? “That’s a good question,” Nash said. “I think in my mind, yeah, I will be in camp. Who knows? I don’t take anything for granted nowadays. … Nash said he expects to be healthy in about three to four weeks. He said he had fun when he played this season and wants to continue to play, though he’s also fine with a lesser role mentoring young guards. He expects next season to be his last. “They can’t rely on me, frankly,” Nash said. “Hopefully, I come back and play 82 games next year and the sky is the limit. But they can’t rely on me if they don’t know what I’m going to bring, so they got to evaluate those guys for next season.”

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