Amber Rose x Kaylin Garcia x Nicki Minaj twerking

If this is the new celebrity trend, I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT! I pretty much fell in love with Amber Rose’s booty-shaking video (dancing to my bae A$AP Rocky’s song, on top of that!), then fell in love again as Kaylin Garcia twerked to YG’s “Left, Right.” Now my girl Nicki Minaj is showing IG what she can do with that A$$, A$$, A$$…and it’s pretty phenomenal. Check out ALL THREE videos below, and vote to let us know which was your favorite!

Marisa Mendez

Nicki toots that thang:

Kaylin shakes it left, left, right…

Amber Rose drops it low, low, low!

Who Twerked The Best?
Amber Rose
Kaylin Garcia
Nicki Minaj

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