Well this is interesting, as Mimi’s Sextape blows(pun) up, the word ‘Sextape’ is like the thing to say, and now popular ‘Twerk Queen’/Stripper/Straight Stuntin Model Jhonni Blaze has an alleged Sextape.

Tat Wza

Apparently this ‘tape’ is being shopped around, but Eleven8 over at Balleralert got some photo proof, but I’d say it’s not the sextape you’re looking for, at least not in terms of her and a male ‘actor’ getting busy(cause these tapes are becoming straight shoots), it’s more of her getting the ‘rubber hose’ treatment for dolo.

*Hit the gallery for the photo Proof*

Oh Yeah, if you have a loose $50K, you can own this sextape…Which could be for legal fees 0_0