Intentional or not, Josh McRoberts wallet is $20,000 lighter today. That is the price he has to pay for the elbow/forearm he stuck in Lebron James throat as he drove to the basket during game 2 of the Heat/Bobcats series. McRoberts said it was not intentional. “We just kind of got caught up in the air there,” McRoberts said Wednesday night. “For me, real time, he was coming pretty fast down the lane. He’s a real strong guy and I was just trying to stop him from first getting the shot up. It looked worse than it was.” Lebron overreacted with his definition of the play. “I got elbowed in the throat … it’s not a very good feeling, especially how I was attacked in the lane and the contact that happened,” James said. “I was trying to catch my breath, and hopefully it wasn’t too bad. I had to finish the game. All I was thinking was how I was going to make the free throws, because it was a close game at that point.” Attacked?? C’mon Lebron really? It wasn’t too long ago that type of play was considered a normal tough foul, smh.