I sware there are some people in this country who will look for anyway to try and bring a lawsuit, no matter how ridiculous it seems. An NFL fan is bringing a $40 million dollar lawsuit against the Seahawks because he wasn’t able to attend the playoff game between them and the San Francisco 49ers. Someone please tell me how that translates into $40 million?? Check out what this joke of a guy said about not being allowed to attend.



A guy in Nevada is suing the NFL and the Seattle Seahawks for $40 million … claiming he was illegally barred from buying tickets to the NFC playoff game … just because he’s geographically undesirable.
In the lawsuit — obtained by TMZ Sports — John E. Williams III says he wanted to purchase tickets to the Seahawks vs. 49ers playoff game in Seattle but couldn’t because he lives in Nevada.

According to the Seahawks’ own website, tickets for the game were only available to people living in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii and a couple of Candian provinces.

Conspicuously … California and Nevada weren’t on the list … reportedly to keep 49ers fans from buying tickets.

Williams — who didn’t say if he was a Seattle or SF fan — says the whole thing stinks … and is contrary to the spirit of the NFL. He thinks $40 million ought to set things right.

FYI … average cost of a playoff ticket — 400 bucks.

Now remember, NFL teams can put ANY restriction they want on their own ticket sales and home stadiums. Not too mention that game was over three months ago already and now he is looking for a way to sue. I guess every NFL fan in every other state should be allowed to sue the Seahawks as well. What an idiot.