Lorde has a lot of celebrity admires, but this latest celebrity believes that she is music’s savior.

Jade Raven

Dave Grohl of The Foot Fighters really admires Lorde’s music. So much so, he that the singer gives him hope for the future of pop music!

The Foo Fighters frontman explained:

“When I first heard ‘Royals’ it was sandwiched between all of that other stripper pop,” he says. “I was so fucking relieved. I thought, ‘Hey, this might be another revolution.’ When I met her I said, ‘When I first heard your song on the radio and my kids sang along I felt like there was hope for my kids to grow up in an environment which is more than just superficial.’ There’s something about her that represented or resembled the Nirvana aesthetic. She has an incredible future ahead of her as a writer, performer and vocalist.”

What a compliment!

She’s definitely on the right track on becoming pop music’s “savior”, hence her name Lorde.