Considering how racy the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ books are, its understandable for significant others and family members of the actors for the movie to have their reservations about seeing their loved one engaged in a raunchy sex scene in the film adaptation. Singer/Actress Rita Ora’s family and boyfriend, Calvin Harris, were so concerned, they held a “group meeting”to voice their concerns – despite the fact that she wasn’t even slated to appear in any sex scenes!

Jade Raven

Rita Ora plays Mia in the film, who is the adoptive sister of Christian Grey.

When asked by The Sun if she had to film any erotic scenes, she said: “No! Calvin, my dad and brother had a group meeting to worry about it…

“I leave that to the main characters.”

Earlier this week, she also gushed to MTV News about the talents of leading lady Dakota Johnson.

“She’s just so gorgeous and it kind of distracts you a little bit,” she explained. “But I mean she’s an amazing actress so I’m learning things from her.

“It’s always a good time, you don’t want to work under a pressured environment, especially when you’re making something creative. I would do it all over again.”