Ohhh no, this is sad & unfortunate!  I really don’t think Shaq meant to offend anyone, but he did —  Shaq just isn’t that type of person to viciously attack a person.  He’s now under fire for hurting a man’s feelings that has a rare disorder.  He mocked a man named Jahmel Binion on Instagram and Jahmel happened to see it.  He’s always liked Shaq & was shocked that he would make fun of his appearance.
Shaq has since taken down the pic — hopefully the big guy has a nice surprise for Jahmel.  Hit the jump for the full story & to see the pic…





Via Fishwrapper:

Binion, above, suffers from a condition called ectodermal dysplasias, which essentially contributes to the malformation of skin, hair, nails, and teeth, among other less visible things like sweat glands.

Regarding the insensitive post, Jahmel says, “[Growing up], people would laugh at me, stare at me. … [When it had been brought to my attention that I’d been made the butt of Shaq’s joke on Instagram], I was kind of hurt. I looked up to him. I watched Shaq play basketball … Why’s he making fun of me when he’s supposed to be this role model?”

Video via FOX:

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