The lovely Angie Martinez recently sat down with Complex News, to be interviewed. Now, being the great interviewer that she is, it was only right for the Complex team to get down to some great questions regarding her work with Hot 97 — including past interviews, friendships, and even “radio come up.” Check it out after the jump.

Jamaal Fisher

In the interview, Miss Martinez also spoke on the edit process of a 2-hour long conversation with Tupac Shakur shortly before his death and making it into a minutes-long recording for radio.

“When I had to do that edit, I still wanted to represent what he was trying to—I didn’t want to misrepresent him. Yes I toned it down and took out all that other inflammatory stuff. But I still didn’t want to misrepresent him. ‘Cause I didn’t feel like if something bad happened after that it was something I was gonna be okay with.”