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I had no idea this drama was still going on with Kris Humphries (by the way, the title was a total accident – lol).  Almost two years ago a woman sued Kris Humphries for allegedly giving her herpes.  He has denied this from the start.  The case has been ongoing and apparently the woman is now asking the judge to prove he doesn’t have it because he supposedly admitted that he’s never been tested for it.
It’s too bad all of this is public, because if it’s not true — this has to be damaging and hard on Humphries.  Hit the jump for details…



Via RadarOnline:

Kris Humphries does not have herpes, according to Kris Humphries. Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband has insisted he is clean ever since being sued by former one-night stand Kayla Goldberg, who says he gave her the STD. But in new court documents obtained by Radar, Goldberg’s attorneys claim the NBA player has actually admitted he never has been tested for the disease, so now they want him to prove he’s clean where it counts — in the doctor’s office.

Goldberg has claimed that she was diagnosed with herpes shortly after hooking up with Humphries on August 31, 2010. “Since the outset of litigation, Humphries has steadfastly denied having any herpes virus,” the documents note. However, “Humphries has also admitted that he has never been tested for herpes simplex virus type 1. … At the same time, Humphries has refused to submit to a test for sexually transmitted infections to lay this matter to rest.”

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