‘Ill Ni**a Alert…Ill Ni**a Alert’….So in case you don’t know, the other week Flex was on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” with Dan Le Batard & Bomani Jones, and a lot of questions got asked, but it was the one about ‘Who was the Worst Freestyle?’ that has us here today!

Tat Wza

If you go to the 2:28 mark on this ESPN video;

So understandably 2 Chainz is a little upset, but I was there(at the freestyle), it wasn’t good(check the Dj Funk Flex App for the Freestyle), And Funk Explained, ‘he can handle it, just not that day’, but I guess it ate at Chainz, cause this happened last night;

What do you think about this? It’s no beef, just a couple of opinions.