As a fan of Floyd Mayweather I am really hoping his focus outside the ring this week doesn’t affect him tomorrow night. The back & forth between himself, Shantel Jackson & Nelly continued today as Floyd spoke with Big Tigger on V103 just a short time ago. He really seems set on explaining his version of things which is different for Floyd because usually he doesn’t care. During the convo with Tigger he once again doesn’t hold back and takes more shots at Shantel. Hit the jump.


Floyd Mayweather says he told the world about his ex-fiancee’s abortion because she DESERVED to be publicly shamed as a reaction to something she did to him.

Mayweather sat down with Big Tigger from V103 and essentially ADMITTED to posting a photo of an ultrasound to social media along with a message blasting Shantel Jackson for having an abortion when she was pregnant with his twins.

It was revealed that Floyd is really upset and angry over the abortion because he was told previously she lost the twins in a miscarriage. He became enraged when someone showed him a medical document showing she in fact had an abortion and lied, which explains his current displeasure with her.

Floyd also said that Shantel is broke and needs money. He claims she sold the Bentley he bought her just so she can have money to live off in Los Angeles because she has nothing else. He also said he still pays for her mothers home.

You can tell he is genuinely hurt which is evident by his anger but he also said he was in love with a person he really didn’t know. We all been there.

He also took credit for giving her all of her Twitter and Instagram followers which I agree 100%. Nobody would really know much of her if not for being the now former girlfriend of Floyd.

Floyd say he paid for Shantel to get all sorts of plastic surgery, including a fake butt, fake breasts and face work.

Even celebrities deal with the same relationship issues with all deal with. Heartbreak, lies, anger are normal emotions and Floyd is dealing with them how he sees fit.