Donald Sterling has finally broken his silence. We have not heard anything from him since the tape of his racist comments was leaked last week. Everyone has been wondering what he is thinking and when would he speak. Today we finally have some answers but from the sounds of it he still doesn’t care about the words he actually said. Hit the jump.


It seems the only thing Sterling regrets is that the tape leaked out and the world heard his opinions. Because he spoke today with DuJour magazine and never once did he reference any regret or sorrow for his words. Only that they were heard.

Sterling’s exact words to the magazine were “I wish I had just paid her off”.

Really?? That is the only thing this racist man wishes happened? Nothing about apologizes, or even trying to explain himself?

According to reports he is not done talking. Reportedly he has interviews lined up with Barbara Walters as well as the NBA itself. No certain word on when the interview with the NBA is going to take place but the interview with Barbara Walters seems that it could happen as early as this evening.

So we waited to hear what he had to say and all he says is he wished he paid her off. He is utterly disgusting. Cause that is an around about way of saying he wishes the tape never leaked and that he just gave her what she wanted. This interview possibly might of made things worse for him in the way the public eye views him.