Last night the Indiana Pacers were able to fight off elimination from the playoffs by beating the Hawks 95-88 in game 6 of their series, which now sets up a crucial and deciding game 7 in Indiana on Saturday. Winning that game may be even harder for the Pacers because there is reports that Paul George could be suspended for the game for walking a few steps onto the court during a small scuffle that broke out between Pacers George Hill and Hawks Mike Scott. They got into a shoving match and no punches were thrown, but cameras caught Paul George taking just a few steps away from the Pacers bench onto the court. NBA rules require all players currently not in the game to remain in the bench area if a fight happens on the court or they are automatically suspended. It is so petty but the NBA has done this before. All of the video shows he never tried to get into the mix on the court, he literally just took 2-3 steps away from the bench, but never left the bench area. Knicks fan as well as Phoenix Suns fans know all about the NBA jerking them out of a possible playoff win with suspensions like this. Hopefully since there is a new commissioner they will look at this with human eyes instead of trying to blame his suspension on policy. Hit the jump.