Ousted LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was set to do an interview with Barbara Walters after being banned from the NBA after audio revealed some very racist comments.  In the end Sterling backed out of the interview but the woman behind it all, V. Stiviano did sit with Barbara and had some interesting things to say.

Shay Marie

V. Stiviano told Walters she does not believe Sterling is a racist and saying the 15 minutes of audio were “taken out of context.”  She said she believes Sterling was brought up to believe those things and that he’s shown through his actions that he isn’t racist.  She also said there was a third person in the room when she recorded Sterling and he knew he was being recorded.

Stiviano says Sterling is emotionally traumatized and “hurt” by the situation and the words he said.  She describes herself as Sterling’s “everything”; his “confidant” and “right hand arm”.  She said Sterling is being tested right now and she’s there to come to his rescue.  She also said she loves him like a “father figure”.

V. Stiviano answers the racist question at the 11 minute mark.