Everyone should remember Cassidy’s heyday. Especially his bars. No, not the album, but his flow and punchlines. However, at one point in time, he decided not to return to the area in which his style could flourish; the battle rap arena. Looks like there could now be a change of heart from the Philly MC. In an interview, Cass points out what would need to go down in order for a return. Check it out after the jump.

Jamaal Fisher

In the Vlad TV interview, Cassidy went on to say:

“That shit is a business. Now back in the day, before it was a business, before I was making money, that’s what I was doing all the time ‘cause that’s where I was at in the game. But now everything I do I get paid for. I’m not gonna go battle some nigga and fuck with this permanent money that I’m gonna be able to get forever to just please a couple niggas. That shit gon’ have to make perfect sense. The nigga I battle gotta be a perfect nigga so after I do it—I know the outcome, what it’s gonna be. He gon’ get destroyed. But after I destroy him, I’ll be able to bring shit to the table for Mayhem Music, my family, my team and not just no 30 [or] 40 grand. That shit ain’t about nothing. That shit ain’t about nothing.”