A scary report this morning at the home of tennis Star James Blake. A mansion in Florida owned by him exploded into a huge fireball today according to witnesses. Neighbors say Blake hasn’t lived there in over a year and has been renting it out to the current tenants. The fire is still going and is so dangerous that they can’t collect evidence or the bodies of the three victims they know about until tomorrow. One of the early reports however says that upon a quick investigation of the house, one of the victims had fireworks literally strapped to their head. So was this an accident or is there more going on here? Hit the jump.


Neighbors say they heard loud booms all morning before the house was a huge fireball. They say the current tenants have been there about a year and never had any problems with people who live by and pretty much kept to themselves.

Blake was not there and reports say they don’t even know if he is aware of what happened yet. Even though firefighters can’t collect evidence yet when they were able to check the house real fast before it was too dangerous they noticed one of the dead had fireworks strapped to their head.

So now they have to figure out was this a simple accident of playing with fireworks in the house gone bad, or did someone purposely cause this. Fireworks strapped to the head of a victim is pretty sketchy if you ask me.

The story is still developing.