The Dream turns himself in to NYPD

Yesterday afternoon, The-Dream turned himself into NYPD for felony assault charges that were filed against him by his then-pregnant girlfriend Lydia Nam in 2013. The charges seemed a little fishy from the start as they were filed 7 MONTHS after the alleged incident, and now he’s speaking out on the matter with more details. After posting $20,000 bail, paparazzi caught up with the singer/songwriter as he exited court, and though he remained rather tight-lipped on the situation, he did make sure to add he “definitely” never touched her.

Word on the street is that the real reason behind the charges is a soon-to-expire visa for Canadian-born Nam! Dream is reportedly telling friends that his ex found out there’s a special visa that allows immigrants to remain in the country if they’re crime victims and they’re needed in the prosecution of the perpetrator, and that’s why she falsely accused him of punching, kicking and strangling her while she was pregnant with their son.

However, Lydia’s people are saying the attack wasn’t a one-time thing by any means, and the only reason she took so long to report at least one of the incidents is because “she was terrified of him.” Who do you believe? Let us know in the comments!

Marisa Mendez

Source: TMZ