Where will Pau Gasol play seems to be a never-ending discussion.  Though Gasol has been at the center of Lakers trade talks for the past couple years, he will hit the free agent market on July 1st and get to decide on his own destiny.  So what are his options?

Shay Marie

“The city of Memphis attracts me because it’s a city I know, there’s an opportunity of playing with my brother and they have a solid team,” Gasol said.

Gasol also listed the Chicago Bulls and downplayed the idea of playing for the Los Angeles Clippers.

“Going to the Clippers would be very difficult for me because they’re our neighbors and there’s a very strong rivalry there,” he said. “So it would be very difficult for me to consider that as a real option.”

Gasol still maintains he prefers to re-sign with the Lakers. Kobe Bryant has reportedly told Gasol that he wants the big man to stay in LA.

The Lakers are targeting the 2015 free agent market, so Gasol will have to accept a one-year deal if he wants to stay with the team for a bit longer.