Tracy Jordan And Her Two Sons Anthony, 7, and Nicholas Jordan, 8
This is just terrible. A New Jersey family became the attention of the Nation as the father kidnapped two of his children and is suspected to have stabbed his soon to be ex-wife to death in her apartment!
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Nqobi C

A five state Amber Alert was sent out friday afternoon after John Jordan, age 47, of Lodi, New Jersey, went to his two sons’ school and signed them out for a ‘dentist appointment‘. Missing for hours, authorities were contacted when the wife/mother of the children was found stabbed to death in her apartment in Garibaldi Ave.
Authorities believe John killed the wife first before heading over to pick up his children and attempting to escape to South Carolina.

The Amber Alert was canceled Saturday morning at 1am after the children were found in Greenville, South Carolina along with the father.

The mother and wife, Tracey Jordan’s neighbours say the couple was not on good terms as they were about to finalise their divorce papers and she already had found herself a new man.
Neighbours also told reports that John was never treated Tracey well while they were together with times of acts of violence. With abuse under his belt, people still did not suspect he would be capable or murder.

The two boys were only 7 and 8 years old, Anthony and Nicholas Jordan respectively.

Sending out thoughts and prayers to the children after such a traumatic episode in their young lives.