Mark Geragos tells TMZ that Chris didn’t confess to what?
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Chris Brown did not admit he assaulted the alleged victim Rihanna, in his D.C. criminal trial. He admitted to a probation violation on Friday, but it didn’t constitute a confession in the assault case. The only thing Chris did was admit he violated the probation and nothing more, says Geragos.

Also, Geragos told TMZ that it was him and not Chris who acknowledged there was a factual basis to conclude his client violated probation according to the police report. He then said that “There’s no way the D.C. prosecutor could use Brown’s admission as a confession, because the standard of proof in a criminal case is much higher than in a probation hearing”.

Geragos said he told Rihanna’s judge “it’s more likely than not” that Chris screwed up in D.C. In a criminal trial, the prosecutor has to show that he screwed up beyond a reasonable doubt.

Chris Brown was ordered to serve another 131 days in jail, but due to overcrowding, he might be released in a few days.