The notorious serial killer David Berkowitz better known as “Son of Sam” will be hanging out in prison for at least 2 more years! The man has been in jail since 1977 for the murders he committed. The odd twist of this story is that he keeps skipping the parole board. This is his 7th time he skipped, since he became eligible in 2002. He has been in prison for so long, he doesnt even want to come home? What exactly is he afraid of? Crazy! Check it out!

Jayyiah Coles

Berkowitz, who turns 61 next month, was denied parole by a two person panel on Tuesday at his lockdown, Sullivan Correctional Facility, in upstate Fallsburg.
The notorious killer was a no-show at the hearing — his seventh since he became eligible for parole in 2002.The board chastised Berkowitz for not showing up. “Your decision to waive this parole board hearing did not afford this panel the opportunity to discuss your case.”
Berkowitz fatally shot six people and maimed seven others during a monstrous ’76 and ’77 rampage that garnered worldwide attention.Using a .44-caliber bulldog revolver, Berkowitz usually targeted couples sitting in cars in The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.