True loyalty is hard to go unnoticed, especially when it comes to something as real as a man holding down his incarcerated girlfriend for 8 years! Former Cash Money signee Turk, recently sat down with Vlad TV and discussed the subject of loyalty. Turk himself was incarcerated for a significant amount of time and was held down by his lady, so when asked about Papoose and Remy’s situation he had nothing but postive things to say about the man! Check it out below!

Jayyiah Coles

“Salute to Papoose, he a blessing man,” Turk said when asked about Papoose and his situation. “He like a angel man because like these three/four niggas on this couch they ain’t about to stay down. Papoose stayed down for about six years. He’s doing what my wife doing and he a nigga so that’s rare. I salute that. I respect that. I don’t think he stupid for that because for what I know now I probably would but back then, me being a 22-year-old going to jail and she’d a been 21, nah.”

The New Orleans rapper also talked about his personal situation and how his girlfriend has been by his side since day one.

“It’s all about that loyalty. Niggas will tell you one thing and do something else,” he said. “She was a blessing in my life… She stood there day for day and went to the appeals with my attorney, she filed papers that I didn’t know how to file, she made a way. She found out how to do that shit on her own.”