IFWT_Marshall 1

Former Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson is speaking out against the picture that went viral over the weekend of Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend after being drafted by the Rams.  He’s now boycotting ESPN … check out what he had to say this morning on Twitter…





Update via TMZ:

Henderson is backtracking BIG TIME … claiming his homophobic tweet was part of a twisted psychology experiment to see how the public would react. Suuuure.

Henderson wrote, “One of my best friends, WHO IS GAY, is about to graduate in psychology, asked me to say these things so he can have responses.”

“The point of his study was to see how people react when others say things or act a certain way against another group of people.”

He added, “Sorry for messing with everyone like that!!!  Everyone really helped my boy AND FOR THAT WE ARE EXTREMELY APPRECIATIVE!!!”