About a week ago, Kanye West made media headlines when he allowed an 18-year-old Queens rapper to spit for him. Now, the good people over at Complex caught up to the rapper. His name is Simbaa. Check out his Yeezy story after the jump.

Jamaal Fisher

According to the interview, it wasn’t the first, but the second time he was able to connect with Ye in person.

“I met him two years ago. I was walking around Broadway and I seen his car, the Maybach…I went in front of the car. And I waited five hours with my friend, five hours. The security guards talked to me. And they said ‘Okay, Kanye West is about to come out. He knows you guys are down here. When he comes out do not approach him. If he comes up to you that’s a different story.’ I said ‘Okay.’ And then when he came out he said ‘What’s up fellas?’ I said ‘How you doing?’ That first time I didn’t tell him my name. I spit to him…I was like I just want a chance. And then he said ‘Spit a quick 16.’ And I did. That was the first encounter.”