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Whether they want it to happen or not, it’s going to happen.  Donald Sterling & his estranged wife aren’t going to let go of the Clippers without a fight, but according to NBA insiders — they think they know who the team will be sold to.  I think Floyd Mayweather could be one of Sterling’s choices if forced to sell (because of their history), but check out what they think…



Via SlamOnline:

According to Yahoo! Sports, many within the League think Magic will have the last laugh when the dust eventually settles:

…Sterling could go on and on, and he will again. For all the apologies the NBA wants to give Magic Johnson, many within the league believe they know how Silver and the owners will ultimately make this right: awarding Magic and his ownership group’s bid the franchise.

The league can transform a pariah brand name into a magnificent monolith. Magic’s partners with the Los Angeles Dodgers are motivated to meet the billion-dollar-plus asking price, and perhaps go even higher.

Beyond Sterling’s general ignorance and insanity, Johnson’s desire to purchase the Clippers is partly Sterling’s motivation to keep assailing him. Privately, he believes the endgame for the NBA will be to make him sell to Magic, that the fix is in.

If Sterling’s mayhem is pounding Magic Johnson and Doc Rivers hardest in the short-term, make no mistake: They could be the biggest beneficiaries in the long run. Rivers made a terrific decision to sign only a three-year deal to coach and run the Clippers’ basketball operations, because whoever buys the franchise will desperately want to sign him to a long-term extension – which could be sweetened with a Pat Riley-esque ownership stake.