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Geez, the Clippers can’t catch a break. First the whole Donald Sterling mess and now we’re learning the new Clippers CEO, Richard Parsons,  has some shady secrets of his own.  He has a secret love child with his model mistress and that baby mama is confirming the news…



Via RadarOnline:

Parsons, 66, has been married for 35 years to his wife Laura, 67. After his announcement as interim Clippers CEO in L.A. last week, the millionaire businessman reportedly flew back to the East Coast to be by her side as she underwent a medical procedure on Tuesday.

But in 2008, he was less of a doting husband when he fathered a daughter, Ella, with model and philanthropist MacDella Cooper!

Cooper confirmed exclusively to Radar, “Mr. Parsons is a wonderful man, and a great father to his daughter,” who will be 6 in August.

…Parsons told the paper at the time, “This is a private matter and I prefer not to talk about it …” He could not be reached for comment.

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