Farrah Abraham
When they say “sex sells,” they’re 100% correct! Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham claims she’s not a porn star despite her raunchy “Backdoor Teen Mom” sex tape, but she’s sure getting $$ like one! According to a bank statement from Vivid, the MTV reality star made $102,000 in royalties from her freaky vid, but that’s not all. That amount is only a QUARTERLY payment, aka she’s receiving that three times a year. All-in-all, she’s making around $306,000 a year off her XXX tape alone. However, after Abraham made several claims about getting raped at a bunch of different night club venues, the CEO of Vivid Entertainment Steven Hirsch said he’d offer her $1M to take a lie detector test to prove the rape claims were true. However, if the results came back showing she was lying, she’d have to give up ALL $$ earned from the tape. Needless to say, Hirsch hasn’t heard from Farrah since.


Soooo you’re telling me if I get knocked up as a teen and then proceed to put out a sex tape, I can make bank and be chillin’ for the rest of my life. SMH. Oh, what a world we live in, I tell ya.