34 year old woman

How does a 34 year old woman pose as a 15 year old high school student for nearly a year and fooled everyone? Classmates, teachers, co workers and even her own boyfriend? Ask Charity Johnson.


Johnson was arrested this week for giving the police a fake age and name. Officers had to go where she lived after the woman she was staying with raised an eyebrow and became suspicious of who she really was.

The crazy thing is that she was actually enrolled in school as a sophomore. She was attending New Life Christian School and began taking classes in October. Johnson was a good student and kept good grades.

She also was working shifts at McDonald’s in Longview inside of Walmart and she was in a relationship with Rickie Williams who is 23 years old. They were together since last summer. Williams said, “My best friend showed me the story and I was shocked”. Charity was going by the name Charite Stevens and told him she was 18 years old.

While working at McDonald’s she tried to con one of her co workers, but it wasn’t working on them. Roshunda Floyd said, “She needed help for an outft for what she told me was a family reunion, I asked her how old are you, she said, ‘Oh, i’m just a sophomore in high school”. Floyd responded “Really? you seem to be a little older than that”. Right after Johnson just ended the conversation.

WOW! Check the photos in the gallery! Would you have been fooled as well?

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