Earlier this year, Michelle Rodriguez openly admitted that she was bi-sexual. The Hollywood hottie said she made the revelation, in hopes to inspire others to be comfortable enough to come out the closet. Last week, Rodriguez attended the LA Gay and Lesbian Center’s Evening With Women event and spoke on her own orientation. To find out what she had to say, click below.

Scarlet Santana

Here’s what Michelle Rodriguez had to say about being bi-sexual:

“I’m not big on people’s opinions, you know? Unless it’s somebody I really respect. I don’t care what people out there have to say. But I do realize the importance of having the bravery to live as who you are and I feel like a lot of people don’t have that bravery. Maybe by me opening my big fat mouth like I usually do and stepping up and owning who I am, maybe it might inspire somebody else to do the same.”

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