Blackshades is a Remote Access Tool, aka RAT, and that totally fits as these guys were hijacking your personal computer, using your webcam to see you, zip up your files so you couldn’t access them, then have the audacity to send you a ransom note to get them back!!

Tat Wza

This is the same software the Hacker from cali used to get into Miss Teen USA in Sept of last year(Check Those Pics), but a couple local NY and NJ men also got arrested in the massive sting;

Leo Taddeo, the FBI’s cybercrime chief, said Blackshades allowed users with “no sophisticated hacking experience or expensive equipment” to prey on innocent people.
“The tool allowed cybercriminals to steal passwords and banking credentials, hack into social media accounts, access documents, photos and other computer files, record all keystrokes, activate webcams, hold a computer for ransom and used the computer in … attacks,”