Rihanna x LAPD

When taking selfies goes wrong! Rihanna recently attended a Clippers game, alongside L.A. Police Commission President Steve Soboroff. Upon discovering they were both wearing the same LAPD wristbands, the pair decided a selfie was in order…so long as she could hold the phone. Unfortunately, though the selfie came out great, the aftermath wasn’t as great – as Rih ended up dropping the iPhone and cracking the screen upon handing it back. Yikes. However – she wasn’t going to leave Steve empty-handed.

Not only did she autograph the back of the iPhone, “Sorry, I (heart) LAPD. -Rihanna),” after hearing about the L.A. Police Foundation and the disadvantaged children it helps, the songstress donated $25k to it! To add to it, Steve has listed the phone for sale on eBay, with all proceeds going toward the LAPD Cadet program and the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation. And all’s well that ends well!

Marisa Mendez

Source: GG