Its been quite a minute since we had the Diplomats on a track together. Now, in a recent interview the world can learn why. That “why” is answered by none other than Dame Dash. Check it out after the jump.

Jamaal Fisher

In addition to his upcoming work with the crew, when asked about talk of a reunion, Dash went on to say:

If you notice, you know, there’s always talks. It’s not a reunion, they just stopped. It never went sideways, they just didn’t put out records for a little while because they wanted to deal with whatever independently they wanted to deal with. We all kinda had to take some time so we all could know we could do things independently. Sometimes, a team, to be a team, you have to know that you can do things independently, and that’s basically what we had to do. I had to know that I didn’t need anybody. I could start from scratch and that I could get new run money. Cam had to know that he could make movies on his own, and he’s financed projects. He’s made music, done his fashion thing and you see he’s very creative.