AquaXetine and MerrukTechnolog two hackers from the Netherlands and Morocco claim to have compromised the security of Apple’s iCloud system for locking iOS devices.

IFWT Techie Tat Wza says; “This shows the importance of that ‘kill switch’ that states are urging law makers and Tech companies that make the phones to include this kill switch, but the reason it isn’t done automatically is $, companies make money when a phone is stolen, and you have to buy another, AND that stolen phone gets ‘reactivated’.”

The Hack can unlock stolen iphones without Activation Lock, allowing thieves to resell the phones easily on the black market. It could also provide hackers with access to Apple ID passwords and other personal information store in Apple’s iCloud service.

Welp, by the time you find your iphone on Find my iphone it’ll be too late.

Laura Rodriguez