Damn, who would’ve thought people would be ready to drop that kind of money? 50 Cent, I guess. That’s why he’s the man with the plan. 50 Cent is scheduled to drop his come back album, Animal Ambition, on June 3rd and in preparation for it’s release the Queens rapper is offering crazy merchandise bundles to get his fans excited.


The bundles range from just a limited edition T-shirt and a copy of the deluxe version of the upcoming album for $40 to 5 copies of the Deluxe version of the album, 3 limited edition tees, 5 limited edition signed posters, a pair of SMS Audio STREET by 50 headphones, a pair of SMS Audio SNYC by 50 headphones and a chance to hang out with 50 at his mansion in Connecticut for a weekend! And guess what, that bundle is going for $5 gs and it’s already sold out. Can’t say the buyer isn’t getting their money worth with that bundle though, that’s for sure.

50 is set to hit the Summer Jam stage on June 1st, just before his album drops. He’s been dropping single after single and videos too, all to gets fans ready for what he’s bringing to the Hip Hop jungle with Animal Ambition. The album is set to feature artists like Trey Songz, Jadakiss, Yo Gotti, Prodigy and more.

Source: XXL