I’d do almost anything for an opportunity to visit the White House and meet President Obama!  Well for some that experience doesn’t mean as much & Marshawn Lynch is one of those.  Yesterday President Barack Obama welcomed the Super Bowl XLVIII champion Seattle Seahawks to the White House, but Marshawn didn’t attend.  Many fans wondered why. His mom later gave a pretty simple explanation.  Check it out…



Via FTW:

The Seattle Times looked into why Lynch skipped the ceremony, asking his mother why the star running back didn’t make the trip:

“He just said he didn’t want to go,” she told the Seattle Times tonight.

Delisa Lynch said Marshawn Lynch has been mourning the recent death of a family member. But she said they’d had had some recent talks and she thought her son was going to attend the ceremony anyway.

“No particular reason was given to me,’’ she said. “He just said he didn’t want to go.’’