Amazon is sending emails inviting select customers to borrow a Fire TV streaming player to try for a month, as a FREE trail before buying it. This is a first for Amazon, and other tech companies because no one has tried the “try before you buy” marketing strategy.

IFWT Techie Tat Wza says: “Will I try this? Prob not, Regardless of the free 30 days, if I wanted it I’d get it, and I already have several ways to get the same services…with that being said, if you don’t have a TV Streaming device, this is ‘FIRE’!!!”


How it will work:
Amazon will send you an email, then they will ship a Fire TV to you without charging your credit card. If you like it and keep it past the 30-day window Amazon will BILL you $100 for the device. If you don’t like it simply send it back. It is still unsure who the audience for this email is. For more check out the video.