A junior at Jefferson Davis High School in Alabama who was use to getting straight A’s was caught of guard when he received a 23 out of 100 on one of his assignments. He needed answers and the teacher had responses but not the one’s he was looking for.

Aisha Renee Noel

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The student attempted to ask his math teacher, Dalsity Pinkston about the horrible grade, but she wouldn’t answer his questions. Eventually, his teacher did comment on the bad grade but not to him. Instead she spoke to the principal. After their talk the principal spoke to the students mother and he confessed to her that Pinkston admitted to simply making up the grade. If you think that’s not bad enough on Tuesday the student went to the teachers classroom to speak to her, and heard the teacher making hateful comments about him in front of fellow students. The young man quickly pulled out his cell phone and recorded the conversation. The teacher made comments like “he’s a f***** a** boy.” She also took it as far as to make threats she said “I’m so ready cause I’m gonna smash her g** a** son in the face. F***** lies.” According to CNN Montgomery Public School System officials have decided that Pinkston will not be teaching at any MPS school next year because the board chose not to renew her contract. As for the student that failing grade didn’t affect his final grade. He was still able to earn an overall A in the class.