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If you didn’t know, the issue of Autism effecting young children is a big issue, and a hot button debate topic in today’s society. With so many children being effected by this puzzling disorder where no two cases are alike, you’ve heard numerous celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy rallying behind the cause suggesting that some vaccinations may be the culprit of the frequency of cases. Find out why the megastar faults herself inside!

In her new book, “Unbreak My Heart”, the iconic superstar blames her child being diagnosed with Autism as the result of her aborting a pregnancy in her 30’s the songbird opens up.

The star who grew up in a very religious household, being that her father was the pastor of a flock, believes her son’s diagnosis was a punishment for her actions. In her book she describes that she was dating former husband Keri Lewis at the time, and ultimately they just were not ready for children. In addition to her being concerned about the welfare of the unborn child with the prescribed Accutane acne medication she was using at the time.

According to Page Six

“I was suddenly faced with a choice I’d never thought I’d have to make. Amid my major misgivings about abortion, I eventually made the gut-wrenching decision,” the 46-year-old wrote, according to E! News.

“In my heart, I believed I had taken a life — an action that I thought God might one day punish me for … My initial rage was quickly followed by another strong emotion: guilt. I knew I’d taken a life … I believed God’s payback was to give my son autism.”

Braxton also wrote about the controversial debate between vaccines and autism, a topic that other celebrities like Jenny McCarthy have been vocal about.

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence that after my son’s first MMR vaccine, I began to notice changes in him,” she said.

I’m sure making this type of life changing decision is difficult for any woman, celebrity and non celebrity alike.If your child was diagnosed with a disease or disorder after you had undergone an abortion, would you fault yourself as well?

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