Millons of customers have been affected by the Ebay hack , and the company STILL hasn’t informed all of their customer’s. The company released a statement on Twitter saying “It will take some time for every eBay user to get our [password] reset email.” At first there was a notice on its homepage but they took it down Thursday.

IFWT Techie Tat Wza says: “Although Ebay is saying that paypal was ‘unaffected’, and as I already said, ‘PayPal password is a pain in the tucus to change'(because you have to reverify things), the motto ‘safe than sorry’ is the better attitude to have!!!!”


Well how do the Customers feel? Furious to say the least. One customer said “. “They can email us through their own system all at once. They send me a lot of emails encouraging me to buy certain things, they can tell us about this!” Considering that this site stored information : customer names, account passwords, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and birth dates. Its only right customers get a full honest warning. Does’t sound like much? That’s valuable information that can be used to scam people into giving up financial information. People run full business’s on Ebay and make good money off of it. In the past AOL had a security breach where hackers stole up to 120 million customers information and the company stated the numbers were “significantly low.” Why do these company’s stay so hush,hush about urgent matters?