Marvel Heroes

On friday May 23, 2014 the Avengers Station Exhibit opened in Times Square, NYC. The 10, 000 square foot, 7.5 million spectacle is designed to be a full size replica of the Shield base. It has holograms and station activities for all things Avenger. Upon entering you will be given an ID card, and some of the rooms have movie props like the hammer in the Thor movie.

Techie tech for IFWT Tat Wza says: “My 11yr old Son and I are VERY Excited about this, Soooooo Dope!!! Pete Rock and I were just saying Marvel could have a premium TV channel that He, and I would pay good money to see non-stop Marvel content 24/7…with that being said a Marvel exhibit in times square is easily something ANY Marvel fan will want to check out!!!”

Laura Rodriguez

Seems fun for kids and grown up kids all the same.