Still not one to hold his tongue, 50 Cent tells GQ Magazine EVERYTHING on his mind… Including his feelings toward Diddy and his many ventures. Check it out after the jump.

Jamaal Fisher

From the eyes of the writers at GQ, this could seem completely random, butnwe know. Ever since we had word of an album — let alone independently — 50’s been on a roll. GQ has released excerpts from the issue set to feature the G- Unit rapper.

Via DX:

Regarding Puff Daddy, 50 Cent reportedly says, “He’s a sucker.”

Beyond Puff Daddy, 50 Cent also speaks about why he decided to leave Interscope Records this year. “When people couldn’t care less about you actually being successful,” 50 says. “You can feel it.”

50 also details why his relationship with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks has soured.

“I enabled these guys,” he says. “I wouldn’t have been a friend if I didn’t help them. But helping them hurt them. Maybe I was paying them to be friends.”

His bond with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo isn’t the only one that has become strained. 50 Cent says his bond with his son has also suffered.

“Me and my son, we don’t have a relationship anymore,” 50 Cent says. “It’s based on his mom. He’s adopted her way of thinking. I don’t have anything negative around the concept of kids.”

Recently, 50 Cent referred to Puff Daddy’s “Big Homie” single as “garbage.” “Puff’s still out there,” 50 Cent said. “He don’t even need a record. ‘Cause he don’t got one. Like you know Puffy ain’t got no music that you wanna hear. That ‘Big Homie’ shit is garbage. I’m a keep it all the way real with you. Because the guy says ‘Don’t worry about if I write my rhymes, I write checks.’ And then sings to you.”