Chelsea Handler

It seems like Chelsea Handler’s ‘Late Night’ show will be coming to an end, this fall; as the E! network announces her finale episode.

Adriela Batista

The notoriously known ‘Late Night With Chelsea Handler’ show, will be reaching its end August 26th, following what the E! network has dubbed a “month-long” celebration featuring “special episodes” and “surprise guests.”

The hilariously controversial Chelsea Handler, has had plans to discontinue the show when her contract with the network was up, but it seems like they wanted to be the one’s to pull the plug. Handler said of the network releasing her show;

“I myself am more surprised than anyone that I was able to hold down a job for seven years, and it was a fantastic seven years[..]” “I will always look back at my time on E! as most people look back at their time in college. I’m glad I went.”